British Business Association in North Macedonia

The British Business Association in North Macedonia is an organisation whose purpose is to promote trade relations between the United Kingdom and North Macedonia and to represent the interests of UK companies in the country as well as companies that have UK business interests.


The activities of the British Business Association are focused on creating a better business environment for all stakeholders in the Macedonian economy through improving legislation, facilitating cooperation between business entities, and promoting shared values such as transparency, accountability, credibility, sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. The Association works to foster good business practices and good governance, social and environmental responsibility and engagement, and ethical codes of conduct.


The British Business Association represents the interests and positions of member companies at the legislative and executive level.
The Association also serves as a forum for exchanging information and sharing knowledge, opinions, and best practices between members and offers other services based on the needs and interests of the members.


The events of the British Business Association range from symposia on doing business in the UK and North Macedonia and on emerging business opportunities to networking and building a community that supports the development of a healthy, progressive economy and society.

Contact Us

British companies in North Macedonia and companies with British business interests that are interested in joining the British Business Association should contact [email protected] or +38978533005 to receive more information.